#HappyNursesWeek and #HappyTeacherAppreciationWeek – Day Two



As a substitute teacher, you kind of become a firefighter at school, getting the call early in the morning or late at night to “cover” classes. At this time of year, as The Miami Herald captured nicely in yesterday’s front page, testing and senioritis have invaded the student psyche.

This has the potential of creating a classroom environment that every teacher hates – disengaged and apathetic students who are already on summer break mentally.

It also doesn’t help that some “Regular” classrooms look like prison cells creatively with outdated textbooks, student graffiti that has never been cleaned and meat locker air conditioning.

And the students are well-aware of these conditions and have made peace with them by turning class into Gossip Hour.

Then I walk in with no lesson plan and become the Classroom Whisperer. Thank God I’m a professional!

So yesterday was rough – got called in late, no lesson plan, covering senior classes after a Friday prom, and covering foreign subject matter (Economics). The good news is that it can only go up from here.

Okay, so I’m not a trained Econ teacher. SO WHAT?! That doesn’t mean I don’t know ANYTHING about economics. I mean, I’m employed (part-time) and I understand the job market all too well. Let the brainstorming begin . . .

So my game plan this week is to get real. I mean, I’m always real but I think these kids need a dose of reality – summer job prospects, financial aid, job market for high school graduates, Fall 2014 class schedule, textbook price quotes, college majors, BSN vs AA. Wish me luck!

Very Interesting.

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