Dwayne Wade Won’t Let Ex-Wife See Sons On Mother’s Day

Gosh, I just worry about how the kids are dealing with this public fight. “Can’t we all just get along?”

Black America Web

The war between Dwayne Wade and ex-wife Siovaughn Funches isn’t over!

Funches, reports Gossip Extra, claimed Wade won’t let her see their sons on Mother’s Day.

Wade is playing a second round of the NBA playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets May 11, the same day as Mother’s Day.

The boys, Zaire, now 12, and Zion, 6, spent last year’s Mother’s Day with their mother in Miami Beach, but things aren’t looking up for another visit this year.

But Funches and her lawyer aren’t going down without a fight.

“Anything Dwyane and his lawyers do to make my client’s life a living hell, they do,” family-law guru Lisa Macci said.

She added, “they’ve announced their intention of denying her a court-ordered Mother’s Day visitation, so I’m filing an emergency motion to force them to hand her the children on Mother’s Day.”

And the war between Wade and Funches continues as it…

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Very Interesting.

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