#HappyTeacherAppreciationWeek – Day One

Classroom-158251-300x230Batoula (centre), 13,  wants to become a minister and have the same opportunities as the boys, Niger.  Photo: UNESCO/Djibo TagazaFeatured Image -- 9602

So beyond the drunken Cinco de Mayo celebrations that today may warrant (no judgements 21 and over), this first week of May is also Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teachers Apperciation Week May 5-11 2014

Why I didn’t know about such a week last year (or the year before or the year before that) is really simple – I WAS TOO BUSY WITH TEACHING!!

When I first got out of grad school, I had the opportunity to teach College Composition at a small vocational college in Norwalk, CT over the summer. I was so nervous because I was SO green in college teaching. I had performed Student Teaching during my program but I was more of an intern than the manager of a high school classroom in Harlem, NY.


Luckily, I learned very quickly that the course content (textbooks, syllabus) was provided by the academic department and I was given the creative freedom to incorporate my own teaching methods to fulfill the course’s objectives.

At that moment, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders because I realized that the classroom would ultimately be my creation, sculpting the material to meet my students’ varied skills/learning styles.

Don't We ALL Want To Do This Once In A While?

Don’t We ALL Want To Do This Once In A While?

Through trial and error, late-night sessions of course material review (and tweaking), intense research from The Chronicle of Higher Education and self-reflection of undergrad experiences of as a student, I developed my teaching pedagogy that I carry with to this day.


Very Interesting.

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