[VICTUALS] Hawaiian Ribeye At Woodmont Grill


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I decided to take advantage of simply gorgeous weather in the DMV by riding  to Bethesda and checking out Woodmont Grill.  I hadn’t been to the restaurant since the name was changed from Houston’s.  Not one to waste sunshine, I had a seat on the patio and sipped on a glass of “Kung Fu Girl” Riesling (I couldn’t resist when I read that title on the wine list).  I refuse to accept responsibility for the total indulgence that took place afterwards.  Blame it on the sunshine!  The grilled artichoke appetizer is the best I’ve had.  Ever.  I was already familiar with the Hawaiian ribeye (my favorite from Houston’s) and the steak did not disappoint.  I tasted a slight difference and asked the waiter if the recipe had changed.  He explained that the seasonings were the same but the method of preparation had changed.  I’m not huge on desserts but the…

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Very Interesting.

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