Say Good-Bye To Passwords And Keys With The Nymi


Kill The Password. And The PIN Number. And The Car Key.

” We’re living in a crazy world,” Karl Martin says, “where, to prove who we are to our computers, we have to remember a long string of letters and numbers.”

  Martin, the chief executive of the biometric identity startup Bionym, is only half right. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has given up actually remembering my passwords and outsourced the job to a password manager. (Current tally: 112 separate strings of letters and numbers.) Experts agree that the only reliable way to secure a password is to memorize it so there is no record. But, really. Come on.

  Bionym is hoping to shape a more sensible and intuitive way of proving your identity to devices, databases, and financial instruments. In the fall, Bionym will release the Nymi, a wristband that replaces conventional passwords with a…

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Very Interesting.

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