My Must-See Movie Guide: 5/2-5/8

I agree with you in seeing “Belle”. This film has had very little promotion and marketing but is the female equivalent to last year’s “12 Years A Slave” – I’m going to see that this weekend!

Yasmin Felice

Since I’m not a huge Spiderman fan (I love Batman and no one else can compare!), I probably won’t be running out to see Amazing Spiderman 2 this weekend. I know I saw the first one, but I literally don’t remember what happened in it. So, instead of wasting my money again, I’d rather spend it on something that will be much more memorable.

There are a couple other films coming out this weekend that I would love to see like, IDA, (A Polish film about a young Polish woman named Anna in 1962, who is about to take her vows to become a nun at a convent where she was orphaned since a child yet soon learns that she is actually Jewish and was born with the name Ida. Check out the trailer here.), and Walk of Shame (a comedy starring Elizabeth Banks as an aspiring new…

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Very Interesting.

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