Man has hunger meltdown after getting to Papa John’s minutes after it closed

Pizza deprivation is NEVER gotten me THAT upset . . . yet. LOL!


Papa John’s: Man throws temper tantrum after getting pizza too late A man threw a temper tantrum after getting to Papa John’s too late (Picture: File)

Hunger can do strange things to people.

A food fan in Newark, New Jersey, became violent when he arrived at Papa John’s minutes after it closed, police say.

The suspect, described as a white male wearing a striped shirt and backwards hat, was apparently incensed after arriving just too late to order his pizza feast.

He caused $500 (£295) of damage after kicking the bottom panel of the pizza takeaway’s front door, causing the glass to smash.

The suspect then ran off, probably in search of another takeaway to stop his stomach from rumbling.

The incident happened on April 25, the Newark Post reports.

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Very Interesting.

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