In May, We Wear Purple.. Happy Lupus Awareness Month

98.5 KLUC Las Vegas

In the month of May, the color purple and butterflies have a special meaning. Those two items are the international symbols for individuals living with Lupus. This disease is really close to my heart and I thought I would share with you why. Do you know what Lupus is about?

Lupus is a chronic lifelong autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and tissue damage to virtually every soft tissue and organ system in the body. It affects the skin, joints, blood cells, blood vessels, heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, eyes, gums and nerves. It’s difficult to get diagnosed with Lupus because it hides behind many other painful symptoms. There is one symptom that is universal in the Lupus world, and that is the “butterfly rash.” A red rash appears on top of the bridge of the nose and spreads under the eye sockets, giving it the shape of a butterfly on…

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Very Interesting.

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