Barbara Walters’ V. Stiviano Interview: A Match Made in Camp TV Heaven


V. Stiviano seemed to be auditioning for her own reality show on Friday’s “20/20,” while Barbara Walters seemed to be doing her best impersonation of Barbara Walters.

It was a jump ball who looked worse, but in camp TV terms, a match made in heaven.

Watching the interview, as well as the unintentionally comic intros from the program’s anchors, it was hard not to think about the writers for “Saturday Night Live,” “John Oliver Tonight” and “The Daily Show” (in that sequence, airdate-wise), all working furiously to turn around bits on the blather.

Stiviano, 31, spoke publicly about her relationship with embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (pictured with Stiviano above), who was banned for life by the National Basketball Assn. over racist comments caught on an audiotape leaked to TMZ. But teams of analysts could spend years trying to parse her statements without finding much clarity in…

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Very Interesting.

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