The naked truth: 39 pics of David Beckham in his pants, looking HOT

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday To ME!!!


David Beckham turns 39 today and to celebrate we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why the faultless father-of-four, husband to Victoria, and ruler of everything is our ultimate crush – and forever will be.

So here goes – 39 reasons why David Beckham is the sexiest, most gorgeous human being on the planet…

This probably hasn’t even been Photoshopped… 

Yep, this works - David Beckham for H&M (Picture: H&M) Yep, this works (Picture: H&M)

Who else looks this good with a moustache? Seriously… Look!

David Beckham Serious David is a force to be reckoned with (Picture: Getty)

Because he makes poolside selfies OK…

David Beckham Imagine a romantic getaway with Becks… (Picture: David Beckham/Facebook/

Those teeth… that smile…

David Beckham in pants Aww (Picture: AP)

He’s one half of our favourite power couple…

David Beckham and his wife Victoria Perfection (Picture: Reuters)

Because these two managed to transform themselves from this…

David Beckham Yes it’s lovely, VB (Picture: PA)

To this…

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham Definitely don’t mess with the Beckhams (Picture: Getty Images)

Without David’s influential sense of…

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Very Interesting.

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