Boston Strong? Racist Reaction After Subban Scores Game Winner In 2nd OT

CBS Detroit

Boston Bruins fans blew up Twitter Thursday night following the team’s 4-3 overtime loss to the Montreal Canadiens.

P.K. Subban ended up scoring the winning goal in the fifth minute of the second overtime.

Fans showing disappointment would have been completely understandable. But many of them took it to a whole other level, seeming following in the footsteps of Donald Sterling.

Because of our corporate policies, we can’t put this type of profane language on our website. We’re working on getting the tweets Photoshopped but until then, here are some links to the worst offenders:

(WARNING: Links contain graphic language)

N-Bomb trending in Boston…

What about David Ortiz…

Subban’s mom…

PK Subban…

Not in an ice rink…

How about his brother…


NHL issues…

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Very Interesting.

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