Protests & Parades Held In Celebration Of May Day

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Today is May Day, which meant a big celebration in many parts of the world–but it turned violent in others.

The biggest labor celebration in the world, International Labor Day, usually means marching bands and parades. That was the case in Moscow, where 100,000 people marched to Red Square.

In Paris, thousands turned out under dark skies to celebrate May Day, including a man doing his best Che Guevara impersonation, the Latin American revolutionary hero who is often pictured on T-shirts and jackets.

In other parts of Europe, May Day was not peaceful.

In Istanbul, riot police used water cannons and tear gas to keep demonstrators away from a square where May Day demonstrations were banned. Close to 100 people, including 19 police officers were injured in the clashes.

One of the biggest May Day celebrations was in Cuba, where thousands turned out on the streets of…

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Very Interesting.

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