Meet AltSchool, The Startup That Is Going To Reinvent Primary Education


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Education is one of the last industries that is still going through massive change and disruption with the introduction of technology. In particular, we’ve seen the rise of iPads,  the introduction of learning technologies and educational games enter the classroom, but we haven’t actually seen the physical classroom change for children. AltSchool, a new startup aiming to transform K-8 education and schools, is hoping to change that.

Founded by Max Ventilla, AltSchool is a new school that focuses on child-centered education supported by a technology platform. The school is also predicated on the belief that most students vary in skill level in subjects like math, reading, science, art, physical education and social studies, and “grades” are confining. Enter highly customized “playlists” that serve as a personalized curriculum for each child.

As you can see from the video above, AltSchool’s first classroom is in the Dogpatch neighborhood of…

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Very Interesting.

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