Rush Limbaugh Takes a Shot at Don Lemon; Alludes to CNN Personality’s Sexuality

Rush Limbaugh is a pain killer away from being Donald Sterling – except he has nothing to lose!

Black America Web

Another day, another beef. This time, the contenders are Rush Limbaugh and Don Lemon.

The feud between the talk show hosts is one of many stemming from Donald Sterling’s racist comments. While addressing the Sterling situation on Monday, Limbaugh mentioned how the things said by the LA Clippers’ owner were causing him problems in light of the fact that he “did not give enough money to Obama.”

From there, it was on as Lemon reacted to Limbaugh by telling his fellow CNN commentator Erin Burnett, “If we didn’t know then, that Rush Limbaugh is a stunt king, then we know now.”

The back and forth continued Tuesday as Limbaugh weighed in while firing a shot at CNN and Lemon’s sexuality.

“Over at CNN, they interpreted that to mean that I was defending Sterling!” the conservative firebrand said. “How did they get there? I don’t know how they get there…

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Very Interesting.

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