My Amazing Adventure with Macy’s at Dadeland & Ms. Wendy Williams

#FBF #FlashbackFriday Continues With My Coverage of Wendy Williams Book Signing Last Year in Coral Gables, FL. It was my first OFFICIAL assignment as a “seasoned” journalist. Luckily (and strangely), I was the only press represented at the event and I definitely took advantage with great pictures (okay, maybe “decent” pictures). I was so excited to be near my idol from my days in grad school in NYC.

The Student Becomes The Teacher

So I am finally coming down off an amazing weekend in South Miami area as a “reporter” and pop culture writer, covering the American Icons event at Macy’s and the Wendy Williams Book Signing.

Ok, let’s begin . . .

After dropping my sister off at the Port of Miami for her NKOTB Cruise (hey Mr. Knight! How YOU DOIN’!?), I headed over to Dadeland Mall to cover Macy’s event for Miami TV Now.

I was a little disappointed by the small area that the event was meant to take place. You’ll see in the pictures how crowded the area was with regular Saturday shoppers instead of avid music fans of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, and more.

So during the performances, these unaware shoppers would walk right in front of the performers and ruin many of shot for me. But luckily, I am a professional.

After getting my picture…

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Very Interesting.

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