Happy 72nd Birthday to Al Pacino!

Thank you,  (great nostalgia website based in Miami) for reminding me about this monumental milestone!

Al Pacino is the actor’s actor (if that makes any sense), the veteran thespian that younger actors look to for mentorship and advice.

The following is one of his inspirational speeches from a little known (but widely revered by any football fanatic like my younger brother Brandon) Oliver Stone movie Any Given Sunday that stars future Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and my #WCW of this week Cameron Diaz.

But of course, I would be a horrible Pop Culture expert if I didn’t include a Top 10 List of Mr. Pacino’s body of work. ENJOY!

My Amazing Adventure with Macy’s at Dadeland & Ms. Wendy Williams

#FBF #FlashbackFriday Continues With My Coverage of Wendy Williams Book Signing Last Year in Coral Gables, FL. It was my first OFFICIAL assignment as a “seasoned” journalist. Luckily (and strangely), I was the only press represented at the event and I definitely took advantage with great pictures (okay, maybe “decent” pictures). I was so excited to be near my idol from my days in grad school in NYC.

The Student Becomes The Teacher

So I am finally coming down off an amazing weekend in South Miami area as a “reporter” and pop culture writer, covering the American Icons event at Macy’s and the Wendy Williams Book Signing.

Ok, let’s begin . . .

After dropping my sister off at the Port of Miami for her NKOTB Cruise (hey Mr. Knight! How YOU DOIN’!?), I headed over to Dadeland Mall to cover Macy’s event for Miami TV Now.

I was a little disappointed by the small area that the event was meant to take place. You’ll see in the pictures how crowded the area was with regular Saturday shoppers instead of avid music fans of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, and more.

So during the performances, these unaware shoppers would walk right in front of the performers and ruin many of shot for me. But luckily, I am a professional.

After getting my picture…

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#FBF #FlashbackFriday: Do Blondes Have More Fun? – MY Book Review of Marilyn Monroe Memoir “My Story” with Ben Hecht

The Student Becomes The Teacher

I thought the people I lived with were my parents. I called them mama and dad. The woman said to me one day, “Don’t call me mama. You’re old enough to know better. I’m not related to you in any way. You just board here. Your mama’s coming to see you tomorrow. You can call her mama if you want to.

– Marilyn Monroe in opening chapter “How I Rescued A White Piano” of My Story (2007)

This begins the autobiographical account of the life of Marilyn Monroe in 1954. According to the book’s forward written by Joshua Greene (son of Ms. Monroe’s most famous friend and photographer Milton H. Greene who passed away in 1985), her memoir was the product of a collaboration between the timeless media icon and her screenwriter friend named Ben Hecht.

Being a disciple of all things OWN Network, especially the philosophy of Ms…

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ROLAND MARTIN: Devon Franklin’s Film “Heaven Is For Real” Earning #2 Spot at Weekend Box Office

Black America Web

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Roland Martin talks with producer Devon Franklin about the hit movie, Heaven Is For Real. The film is on over 2700 screens and counting.

“Our goal was to capture the essence of that journey and I think the same the people responded to the book, they’re responding to the movie,” Franklin said.

Click inside to hear more from the award-winning producer!

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