Do the Voices: Reading, Imagination, and Forgetting

Rocky Parenting

Yesterday I finished listening to the audio book version of Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Good Squad. Roxana Ortega narrated, and she was excellent. She did all the voices. I could see all the characters. I could keep track of what was happening. The voices made a difference.

Remy's books Remy’s reading selections are far less scientific than mine

Lately, I have been reading and seeing a lot about encouraging Remy’s developing imagination. After reading Hana Rosin’s piece in The Atlantic, I seem to see this topic everywhere. Give your child unstructured play. Let him or her choose the toy or activity. Speak to your infant so they can build a large and imaginative vocabulary. Don’t just pick your baby up when he or she is intently staring at something. On and on. Truthfully, it seems a bit early for most of this. After all, Remy is only three years…

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Very Interesting.

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