A Story of Children and Film (2013) – Mark Cousins (Darrell Ron Tuffs)

A World of Film

Now and then, we all need an inspirational reminder of how wonderful cinema can be at its very best. With his 2011, 15-hour essay film The Story of Film, Mark Cousins delivered this inspiration by the bucket load. Watching The Story of Film is like witnessing for the first time the cinematic moment that ignited your love for the art form. The film is an extremely passionate and enthusiastic love letter to world cinema.

Cousins took short clips from important films made all around the world, he then intercut them with his messy and kinetic footage of the places that those films were made, and interviews with the great filmmakers that made them. Cousins fits the pieces of cinema together as though he were a child with a jigsaw puzzle, he achieves a delightful tone of having fun or playing, never is the film hard work, yet it remains…

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Very Interesting.

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