YouTube, Once TV’s Enemy, Tries to Show How It Drives Viewers to TV Shows

VERY Interesting!


In its early days, YouTube was met with hostility from TV networks. Viacom, for one, alleged in its $1 billion copyright-infringement lawsuit that the video-sharing site was making money by stealing their best content.

Now the seven-year Viacom dispute has been settled out of court, and YouTube is pitching itself to the industry as a very good friend — one that can actually help TV networks lift their audience metrics.

According to Google, video views of TV-related content on YouTube grew 35% in 2013 from the previous year, while time spent viewing TV-related content on the site jumped 65% over that period. Furthermore, Google searches for TV content were up 16% year over year.

Another proof point of the synergy between YouTube and TV, according to Google: The official promotional YouTube channels from cable and broadcast networks — like those for ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Saturday Night Live” and Viacom’s Comedy Central —…

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Very Interesting.

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