At NAB Show, Broadcasting Bigwigs Call for New TV Standard to Reach All Devices


So will television sets and projectors like this become obsolete??


Las Vegas — National Assn. of Broadcasters president and CEO Gordon Smith and Univision chairman Haim Saban issued a call for a new broadcast standard that would put television on all platforms and devices.

Smith and Saban, speaking at the opening session of the 2014 NAB Show here, drew battle lines between broadcasters and what they define as a hostile FCC, especially federal policies they say favor broadband over broadcasting.

Smith praised the efficiency of broadcasting’s one-to-many technology. “The wireless industry covets our spectrum, because they chew through their massive allocation of spectrum, attempting to deliver the video we deliver far more efficiently,” he said. But his embrace of the idea of a new TV standard amounts to an admission that broadcasters will be at a disadvantage until their programs are on tablets and smartphones as well as TVs and radios.

“In order to continue adapting and responding to consumers’ demands, I believe television broadcasting should seriously consider the…

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Very Interesting.

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