Cinematic Virtual-Reality Startup Jaunt Raises $6.8 Mil from BSkyB, Others

This new technology in cinema looks AMAZING! What do you think?


VR fever is in full swing this spring: Jaunt, which says it’s building the first cinematic virtual-reality experience, announced $6.8 million in venture funding from investors including British Sky Broadcasting, Redpoint Ventures, SV Angel,  ‎Dolby Laboratories chairman Peter Gotcher and Sling Media co-founder Blake Krikorian.

News comes after Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR last week, all serve as proof points that VR is real and is happening sooner than anyone imagined. Among other developments, Sony last month announced Project Morpheus, a VR headset for PlayStation consoles.

Jaunt’s cinematic VR system provides a “completely immersive, 360-degree 3D video and audio experience” for movies or TV shows, according to the startup. Viewers can look around in any direction with the system, controlling the entertainment experience. Jaunt’s system captures video using algorithms and computational photography, and it lets directors and videographers create cinematic VR experiences using the same editing and production software they already use, according to the company.

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Very Interesting.

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