No Medal in Sochi for Lolo Jones But Lauryn Williams Earns One

Black America Web

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (AP) — She scrambled to find her camera before the flower ceremony began. Lolo Jones wasn’t going to miss any of it.

She wasn’t going to let her American teammates down. Not now.

And as Elana Myers, Lauryn Williams, Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans stood on the podium and soaked in the applause after winning Olympic silver and bronze medals in women’s bobsled, Jones knelt nearby recording every moment. She never stopped smiling and even screamed, “U-S-A.”

This moment wasn’t about Jones, and that was just fine.

She didn’t get a medal, again, but this Olympic experienced trumped them all.

At last, she felt satisfied.

“Bobsled has made me stronger,” Jones said a few minutes later, her eyes filled with tears. “The lesson in humbleness is definitely gold for sure.”

Jones, who switched from track to bobsled to escape disappointment and continue her quest to win an…

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Very Interesting.

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