The President’s Gatekeepers

The true gatekeepers of the most guarded news in the United States of America – I’m intrigued!


Discovery Channel is so all over the place these days — oscillating between classy nature documentaries and demo-pandering reality shows like “Porter Ridge” — one hesitates to quibble about the flaws in what’s intended to be a serious examination of U.S. history. But “The President’s Gatekeepers,” a two-part, four-hour production, proves disappointing, seemingly so pleased to have gotten all 20 surviving White House chiefs of staff to participate that it sacrifices insight, or an overarching point of view. As such, while the project proves something of a logistical triumph, it’s only fitfully interesting.

Directed by brothers Gedeon and Jules Naudet (“9/11,” “In God’s Name”), “Gatekeepers” zeroes in on how the chief of staff is in many respects the second most-powerful person in the administration, even if that presumption has lost some of its potency since Dick Cheney (a former chief of staff, and one of those interviewed) elevated the role…

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Very Interesting.

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