More On Michael: The Last Photo Shoots Documentary





Noval Williams Films LLC announced the production of a series of newsworthy and informative documentaries about Michael Jackson and the completion of principal photography and post-production on the first documentary of the series entitled “Michael: The Last Photo Shoots”. 

“Michael: The Last Photo Shoots” is written and directed by Craig Williams, executive produced by Victorino Noval, Jr. (Black Dog Red Dog and Tar) and Anna Garcia and produced by Craig Williams (who has composed and produced music for clients from Tupac Shakur to The Oprah Winfrey Show) and Raymond J. Markovich (High School and Demoted).

“We have applied to the Sundance Film Festival,” producer Raymond J. Markovich told, “We also plan to license all 3 documentaries for broadcast and/or DVD in China. However, at present, we are just dealing with licensing offers from the U.S. and Germany.”

Director Craig Williams expects the US initial TV broadcast to be…

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