Black Leading Women Playing the Side-Piece: Coincidence or Not?

Think Like A Man, Act Like a LadyAs a new thespian in this world, I understand the history of American depictions of race. In the beginning, they were racist and cruel. Nowadays, there is more diversity but there is still work to be done. That’s why I’m writing my screenplay.

Black America Web

The Hit TV show “Scandal,” Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots,” and Gabrielle Union’s BET made-for-TV movie “Being Mary Jane,” all feature beautiful black women in adulterous relationships.

Coincidence? Nah, I don’t think so.

And as judgmental as people can be about infidelity, it is something everyone can relate to on some level.  And if you look at the statistics…42 percent of black women will never be married. According to the author of he novel “Man Sharing,” by J. Darlene Hayes, there are 100 unmarried women to every 88 unmarried men, leaving 12 dangling women. That’s quite a visual! And unless you’re a real optimist, already married or not sweating being single, it’s a quite disturbing stat.  She says for years, women have been man-sharing but have been keeping it under wraps.

The media kicked the door on infidelity wide open. “Being Mary Jane” was a ratings winner on…

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3 thoughts on “Black Leading Women Playing the Side-Piece: Coincidence or Not?

Very Interesting.

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