My Amazing Adventure with Macy’s at Dadeland & Ms. Wendy Williams

So I am finally coming down off an amazing weekend in South Miami area as a “reporter” and pop culture writer, covering the American Icons event at Macy’s and the Wendy Williams Book Signing.

Ok, let’s begin . . .

After dropping my sister off at the Port of Miami for her NKOTB Cruise (hey Mr. Knight! How YOU DOIN’!?), I headed over to Dadeland Mall to cover Macy’s event for Miami TV Now.

I was a little disappointed by the small area that the event was meant to take place. You’ll see in the pictures how crowded the area was with regular Saturday shoppers instead of avid music fans of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, and more.

So during the performances, these unaware shoppers would walk right in front of the performers and ruin many of shot for me. But luckily, I am a professional.

After getting my picture taken by a 70s older Elvis and two Marilyn Monroes (one for “American Icons” and one from Macy’s MAC makeup), I grabbed some lunch at the Food Court and hustled to Coral Gables because I thought there would be a “MAYJA” line for Wendy mid afternoon. I was wrong – THANK GOD!!!

But it gave me plenty of time to scope out the venue of Books & Books. I also met some wonderful Wendy fans as the afternoon turned into evening.

When the room was opened for seating, Books & Books in Coral Gables, FL was PACKED with people of every gender, age group (practically), ethnicities, and sexual orientation. It was magical. And the same magic kept everyone very civil, like at Obama’s inauguration in DC. I think that because we all were there for the same reason – to see/support/meet “The Queen of Media” herself, Ms. Wendy Williams and her new book, Ask Wendy.

The program began with an entertaining introduction by the store’s manager dressed in a tasteful suit appropriate for the occasion. He then introduced an uninteresting presenter to give the “formal” introduction, reading Wendy’s resume off handwritten notes on lined, legal pad paper. Hardly the presentation she REALLY deserved, in my opinion.

Then the moment we all wanted for arrived! Escorted by her brawny husband Kevin and greeted with applause from us, Ms. Williams sash-shaded her way into the front of the room to her waiting chair and table.

Here is some of the footage I took:






My muse enjoys dancing in the rain

I’m having done trouble deciding on an actual muse. I have a female protagonist I’m fleshing out. Is she the same as a muse? If so, she would be too posh to deal with the natural elements of the weather.

Live to Write - Write to Live

In typing in the title for this post, I now have the song “Singing in the Rain” on high volume slamming around my brain. And I think some memories of middle school chorus are trying to push to the front of my memories. Oh my!

It’s amazing what the writer’s mind does with words, isn’t it? And that leads into my topic today.

I’ve discovered that my muse is very active and vocal on rainy days more than any other type of day. In fact, just saying ‘rain’ gets her doing jumping jacks.

She feeds me a lot of character dialogue in no particular order or manner, and seldom related to a single story. On the day I took this intense rain photo (in July ’08), Ms. Muse had all sorts of things to say, including children’s dialogue as they played at the beach, dialogue from animals (a la Dr…

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