#FlashbackFriday FOUR YEARS AGO, Being/Getting a Mentor

So as an avid listener of such thought-provoking and funny radio programs as ” The Tom Joyner Morning Show”, “The Steve Harvey Show”, and “The Michael Baisden Show”, I am aware of the importance of tangible role models for young people to look up to and learn from. Not too sound conceited (“but I have a [GOOD] reason”), I consider myself one of these earthy superstars who lives the “grind” and gains God’s excellence everyday.

As an educator, it is hard to measure your specific impact on the pupils you instruct but you get a few “shout-outs” from engaged students.

For instance, yesterday and today I am in the throes of Midterm Exam grading. My Literature students’ assignment was a four-page paper on what they have learned in the class since the beginning of the semester. My College Writing I students’ assignment was a five-minute PowerPoint Presentation of their proudest moment for their community.

So far, I have read some shamefully tragic forms of papers and witnessed some presentations that lack any decisive main idea and/or evidence of real learning.  Luckily, there are a few that I can hold up to my ear and hear a student’s awakening from a life of dormancy. It is AMAZING! I am so privileged to be a conduit in this discovery of self, critical thinking, and literary appreciation.

Now I have empowered my students to take advantage of shaping their future by attending Mr. Michael Baisden’s One Million Mentors Event at Miramar Cultural Center tomorrow (Friday) at 7PM (doors open at 6). I just got my free tickets (so students, get down here EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TICKET).

16 thoughts on “#FlashbackFriday FOUR YEARS AGO, Being/Getting a Mentor

  1. People nowadays look up to the wrong people but for certain reasons. Teenage boys or young adults look up to rap artist because of their talent and money or swag that the people that watch and or look up to emulate that rap artist. The females do the same thing when it comes to R&B singers. Some of these artists present themselves in a negative way that some people try to duplicate and end up destroying their future God has plan for them. A mentor is a person who wants or helps another person on achieveing success on what he or she is demonstrating them.

    • At first when i heard about the new health care plan, i was very excited. i didnt know what it really covers but i knew it was going to make a difference in a positive way. Proving money for health issues are always problem in peoples life. with this new system it not only focuses on thee low income families but also the middle income families. It will regulate private insurance companies to not deny people wit pre existing conditions. i think this new system is amazing and other states and Republican official shouldnt be making a big deal about it.

  2. zgadsden says:

    I would say you would make a great mentor for both genders of the generations after us. Having positive role models/mentors in different avenues give people the inspiration to become something greater than what they had ever thought. Just by you being a professor, Im sure you have changed/touched many of your students, even those who probably aren’t doing well, Im sure in that aspect you might have inspired them to work harder, where as in the past he/she may have shrugged it off and could not care about that. I concur that it is safe to place you in the mentor section amongst the many. As to say, I did attend withe Michael Basiden One Million mentors in West Palm Beach with my son, which was my sole purpose. It was great.

  3. Jean Daverne.
    In todays society we as young people look up to people such as rappers, singers, gang bangers, drug dealers ant etc. These are people who are not really taking of places in lif. They are not influencing us to do better. They are just there to blind us with their jewelries and to show off their cash. Rodel Models/Mentors are people such as Michael Basiden, President Barack Obama, and Dr. King are mentors because they are people who teach us how to make a difference in life.

  4. darlida says:

    I do feel like today’s young adults and children look up to the wrong people. I feel that they think role models are rappers, singers, and athletes. Everyone is entitled to their own choices; but I feel a role model should be someone who will make you strive to better yourself. For instances my role model is my mother. The reason is because she is a hard worker. I seen her go through a lot of tribulations but she still remain strong. I never seen her quit throughout everything she been through. She makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to; I just have to work hard to achieve what I want.

  5. Andre Spencer eng 111 11am class.
    Professor Robinson I would say you are a great mentor to all students. You provided me with loads of knowledge and in a very short period of time. Also, i attended the Michaels Baisden’s event you recommended us to go to and I can truly say I feel inspired to go out and do something meaningful in my community.

  6. I feel that we should try more to help the younger students.
    That is a great mentor program. I would really love to be a mentor, because i have been through so many things. I would love to show some younger student things that i did and that i learn from, so they want have to go through the same thing. I feel that many younger students do not really care about what happens in their future, so its up to the older people to help them undestand.

  7. Many young people choose to follow and look up to the wrong group of people. I think as an young adult we have all made mistakes in life. It is up to us to learn from our mistakes. It make time time for some and other may even learn as soon as they realize they have made the mistake. I think it is good that there are people out there will to take a stand and mentor us young adults. Everyone needs somebody to help lead their path from time to time.
    -Floretha Hughes
    Eng 111/11am

    • ti10 says:

      A lot of young people look up to the wrong people to mentor them. Either they look up to the wrong person or they look up to someone for the wrong reasons. I would have to say you (Professor Robinson) are a very good mentor, that’s why I have your class twice. I feel like you help all of your students the best way you can, like u said there should be no reason why u fail this class.

      • kristin1205 says:

        Kristin Cox

        Well i really dont know whAT it is to be or havea good mentor. I personally feel that having a mentor has its negative nd positive points. Many individuals have traits of a good mentor, but also has flaws, as we all do. The positive points of a good mentor is to have someone to encourge you and stear you in the right direction. The negative about a mentor is in some way, the mentee will lack some of what made them stand out from the crowd. On few occasions the mentee will have the wrong idea of what having a mentor is about.

  8. wwwlboogie81 says:

    i think i also posses the ability to mentor youth, point them in the right direction. while i have not done or made all of the greatest decisions i feel that that makes me all the more qualified for the position because i have learned from my mistakes and posses the ability to inform others and hopefully prevent them from doing the same

  9. I rememeber the power point presentations. My fellow classmates shared very deep personal experiences, some of which i could relate to. I was shocked at how willing they were to share their story in front of a group of people they do not know that well. I am sure this assignment gave them the opportunity to share their story and be heard.

  10. I believed that young adults today are moving to fast. The things I’ve used to do back then wasn’t a major issue. But now days young adults are out of control. But what I came to realize, kids now days didn’t have the mentor that we recieved as when we was growing up. So I fill that it is up to us to change that. Because if we do not take action then its going to be a cycle.

  11. tscarr says:

    A good mentor is hard to find, but I think you are a great mentor because you are stern and expect nothing but A work from your students. That Midterm paper you assigned helped me to challenge myself and that is the kind of teachers we need. I have learned to prioritize my time more thanks to you because you give us so many assignments.

  12. As a student in my first year literature class, i have learned that my professor aside from teaching is an interesting person. When i found out that she was interested in oscar Wilde as well as i am, i was amazed. The class overall is interesting to me for the simplefact that i love literature.

  13. people look up to the wrong people that always lead them to diffeent paths than the one they should be going. so getting a mentor is a great thing evn if your being one is good to but just make sure its the right type of mentor.

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