#FlashbackFriday FOUR YEARS AGO, Whirlwind Pearson Publishing English Forum [and MY Observation of Tiger Woods’ Public Apology]

Wow! What a week! What a (beginning of ) weekend!

I woke up at 5AM Friday morning to catch a 7AM flight to Jacksonville.  Little did I know, the hotel I was staying at would be the exact hotel that Tiger Woods would give his statement to the press (and ultimately, the world).

I arrived at the Sawgrass Marriott at 9AM, before the craziness ensued.  I had a wonderful hotel room, including  a balcony with a beautiful view of the lagoon (and coincidentally, the press setting up for interviews outside).  I felt like a paparazzo, snapping pictures with my camera phone.  Check them out below!

So after watching Tiger’s statement in the hotel bar like a handful of guests who also checked in, I have to say I was really impressed by his apology.  It is more than being sorry; it showed an understanding of the consequences that have come as a result of his mistake.. Anyone can say “I’m sorry”; it takes internal fortitude to understand what that mistake caused.

Now only time will tell if this information will result in real change. What do you think?

35 thoughts on “#FlashbackFriday FOUR YEARS AGO, Whirlwind Pearson Publishing English Forum [and MY Observation of Tiger Woods’ Public Apology]

  1. Wow you where there with Tiger Woods! Man I’m mad I missed his apology. I knew there was something I wanted to watch! I will be going to go watch that as soon as possible! I agree with you anyone to tell someone they is sorry. It is about the understanding of the consequences. I think Tiger have learned from his mistakes and now he is ready to man up and deal with his mistakes. Yes, it is going to take time for him and his family to get over what has happen, but he just have to be strong and deal with it. I think he will stick with his worlds and become a better man then he have been and leave the past behind him and move on with his family and career.

    • Graylind Vincent

      That was crazy i bet and i sight to see, iwished i was there. But i feel any one deserve a second chance no one is perfect except God. I just hope he can show everyone he is better and earn his endorcments backs as well because though what he did he is still a role model to alot of people.

  2. Everybody makes mistakes in this world. Nobody’s perfect in this world, we all deserve a second chance or more. It does not matter if he was an athlete, a celebrity, or different color race, people need to understand that the world will function more smoother if we forgive more than attack someone when he or she does something. Tiger is not the only person who cheated on his wife. Lots of human beings has done so. Golf needs Tiger Woods without him no one watches the sport or if they do there are small crowds.

  3. danero242 says:

    It must have truly been an honor for you to experience all the hype of just being there in the same hotel as Tiger Woods. In my opinion for Tiger to make such a sincere apology not just saying that he was sorry, but also justifying himself allowed the world to see what type of person he really is. Everyone makes mistakes but its how we come back after these mistake which determines what type of person we are.

  4. I believe that tiger woods didn’t mean to do what he had done. Everybody makes mistakes. So I fill that all of this is just blowing out of proportion. In a conclusion I believe tiger woods really mean his apology.

  5. I believe that Tiger deserves another chance. Yeah, he has cheated on his wife, but there are alot more guys who do so. Some even manage to not get caught. The thing is is the fact that, like many other people, we all make some mistakes. Some big and some small, but it’s all about the consequences that happens after them. Tiger did a good thing; apologizing. The worse that’ll happen is a divorce between him and his wife, but she can not say that he didn’t feel any guilt and feelings towards her.

  6. Jean Daverne. Its awesome that you had the opportunity to be in the smae hotal that Tiger Woods pronouce his apology speach. I agree anybody can say that they are sorry but it thats a man to learn from the mistake that you made. I think that Tiger Woods understood what he did was wrong and he learn from it. Now that he forgave himself he now need to start his life and the right page. By fixing the problems that he have with his family then he could start with his career.

  7. ceeceed3 says:

    I’m jelous she gets to see tiger wood apology statement.also, it was in jacksonvillie. which is not too far from miami. shoot it is in florida. i could of went. tiger wood i believe did not do it with all them girls that came out saying they did it with him. maybe he cheated with one. so what! leave him alone. i tell you about these news people thats why i cant be an actor. i want to have money without being in the lime light they two much in your bussiness. tiger is a man. alot of mans in this world cheat including these people who proboly writing these stories on him. i dont blame him for staying under the quite.and i dont get it why does he have to apologies to us for. i mean senator harry reid he should apologies to us. but what tigger woods have to apolgies to us for hes a grown man. i guess it for the confliction he cause in the media. i dont know but he have no reason to be apolging.

  8. morf0128 says:

    I think Tiger Woods apology was too scripted and took too long for him to state it. It has been over a month since his incident and now is when he decides to apologize. look at other stars who have cheated, for example Kobe he apologized the same week of the incident and everything got better from than on. I do believe it is tough to apologize the way he did but it was alot easier having a month to prepare.

  9. I think that the media should stay out of every ones life because everytime I turn on the T.V i see something about tiger. I think we should be focusing on something that means something I really dont care about him and what he sorry for everyone have problems so what.

  10. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox
    Def jam poetry: Georgia Me

    The video blog “for your protection” was both entertaining and informative. The poet spoke on having protected sex,or no sex at all. I agree with her 100 percent. It is kind of suspecious of a male to be willing to have sexual intercourse unprotected. When there are situations like that, we should question whether they have a motive behind it, or what expectations they may have.

  11. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox
    Def Poetry Jam: Lemon

    The Video blog “where im from” was quite confusing at first. After wating it again, i believe i got the full understanding of the poem. It took me a while to understand why he kept saying “county of kings”. It seems as if he wasnt speaking literally, but nearing the end of the poem, i believe he was talking about heaven.

  12. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox
    Weekly Address: The White House

    From my understanding of the video blog “premium, profits, and the need for health reform”, there are major issues on the rise about health insurance and its coverage costs. Many health insurance companies began raising their premiums in the double digit percentile, creating conflict for their clients. Personally, i believe that bumping up the costs while most of the working nation is still struggling to keep food in their homes is a bit creep. Not to mention it puts a strain on those families with health care issues already.

  13. tyshona says:

    I think that the media is just blowing this WAY out of hand. And the media just wont let it go,from the beginning they made a big deal because Tiger was in a interracial relationship. If Tiger had a problem with his family that should have stayed between them, but because he’s in the spot light and he’s black that just made it even worst. I feel bad for him and people are just taking advantage of whats going on, women coming out of the wood work just to embarrass him.

  14. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox
    Michael Jackson: we are the world

    wATCHING the “We are the World” video, i see that there are a number of different artist that from several diverse genres of music. They have obvously all come from different walks of life from various places around the world/ nation. I guess the purpose behind all of these artist creating this one big record is to show the union of diverse individuals coming undre one accord to create something greater than just themselves.

  15. tyshona says:

    Def Jam Poetry-Georgia

    This poem…”I LOVE IT” it had me glued the whole 2minutes and 25 seconds. It was so true and people should really listen to it. It might change the way many think about sex, i know it made me think.

  16. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox
    We are the World 25 for Haiti

    That video was awesome! No Disrespect to those that were involved in the origional “we are the world” video, but the remake to the song a video has a way of capturing your attention and heart. Somehow, watching the video, similar to the last, makes my heart go out out to all those who have to stuggle and have struggled to get to where they are today.

  17. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox
    Pay As You Go

    I did not understand too much of what was said in this blog. As far as i know, Obama reinstated a law called the “pay as you go”. He believes this will relieve some of the stresses of debt paybacks.

  18. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox
    Malcolm X: By all means Necessay

    The Main point i gathered from this vidoe is race means alot in the world we live in. Great opression is put upon those individuals with dark colored skin opposed to those with a lighter skin complection. No matter they way anyone feels about this situation, it is what it is.

  19. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox

    I would have to say that everyone makes mistakes. There is no diffeence in the mistakes we as “normal” individuals make and the mistake Tiger woods has made. The thing i feel has made his situation bigger than it actually is, is the fact that he is a celebrity, and his life is constantly being monitored.

  20. Def jam poetry: Georgia Me
    Graylind Vincent

    The blog video “for your protection” is about safe sex. the poet starts off by saying protected sex or no sex at all. She is not willing to have sexuall intercourse with anyone without some type of protectio., and i agree. There are too many dangers of unprotected sex, and i suggest to anyone not to risk the chance.

  21. Def Poetry Jam: Lemon
    Graylind Vincent

    The blog “where im from” was confusing but entertaining after listeing longer. I think he was talking about where he is from things they do, they take pride in things they do. The poet was mostly saying he love where he is from.

  22. Weekly Address: The White House
    Graylind Vincent

    HE was saying in the blog how health care was high and goin to increase in time. He was sayin it didnt have to be that democrat and republicans can work together to help this problem. He want family children and small business to have good healt care, and hopefully they slove any problem they may face together as well.

  23. We Are The World
    Graylind Vincent

    I like this blog most of all because Michael Jackson is one my favorite entainers. I like he envoleved others people of different ethnicity in the song to reach all. They are all giving hope to the world saying “we are the World, and we can make the world a better place just you and me”.

  24. We are the World 25 for Haiti
    Graylind Vincent

    in this blog i like how they redid the song ” we are the world” for Haiti. This video made me feel all good inside real talk how entainers from all over the world came together to do this for this terrible accident. They all did it to bring in money to help those in need from Haiti.

  25. Pay As You Go
    Graylind Vincent

    He want people to pay as they go saying they have to mange there budget. He wants to continue to look for ways to save to cut where we can to afford what we need. He just trying to find a solution to the money issue at hand in America to help families.

  26. By any means Nessary
    Graylind Vincent

    In this blog i was a little confused but i listen as i went along. He was saying dont give up on any thing you do and we have to saty togehter. He was saying by any means you doo what it takes toi get what you want nothing is given.

  27. tscarr says:

    Yes, only now I think time will tell. All we can do is wait and see what his actions are and if the rehab classes have or will help him. Everyone makes mistakes but I think cheating is common all around the world especially from men. But I guess it is different because Tiger Woods is famous.

  28. I think you had a very interesting weekend,I wish I could of listen to tiger apologize from the bar of my hotel room.Back to the question at hand,I think Tiger Woods is truly sorry.I think he did what he did because he never expected the truth to come out,now that he’s been expose to the public it makes a world of difference to him.Tiger almost lost his family due to his actions,and I honestly believe that he loves and cares for his family.And tiger woods Im sure doesn’t appreciate this type of publicity being that before all of this he was hardly ever talk about in the media.

  29. vesp0405 says:

    I doubt it if Tiger Woods was even the one who wrote his apoplogy. I dont think he is as sorry as he tries to make people to believe, because what he did was with more than one person. How are you sorry for somthing like that when you know very well what your doing. I think he is sorry for getting caught not for his actions.

  30. tyshona says:

    Def Jam Poetry-Lemon
    When he first came out I wasnt feeling it but as he went on I started to get in to it. His poem was deep and even though im not from New York. I made some good points too. It was just to short i wanted it to be longer!

  31. wwwlboogie81 says:

    i think that apologies can be given by anyone without any feeling behind them at all. while i do underdstand that being sorry and apologizing are 2 different things, i dont think that tigerbis going to completely change his ways i think that he wont begin with this adultry in the near future but once all this boils down and his life returns to its normal state he’ll fall back into routine behavior. could be months could be years but once a cheater always a cheater

  32. Tiger Woods obviously did not want his wife to find out. He had to feel deep sorrow and pain to make a worldwide apology. Most of all it was tough for him because he was not only making an apology to his wife but to the others who he have hurt.

  33. wow you were there with tiger woods. did you meet him? but i bet that messed you up alot why because all of the press was running around the hotel and bothering you while you were trying to chill

Very Interesting.

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