#FlashbackFriday FOUR YEARS AGO, President Obama’s “Hope” for America: The Promise of a New Beginning

Prof. L. D. Robinson

So one year after the most historic Presidential Inauguration of any American generation, critics and cynics question whether President Obama still has his political message of “Hope” even as a new Republican takes over the late Ted Kennedy’s senate seat in Washington D.C.

In the current climate of high American unemployment, traumatic coverage of Haiti’s latest developments, the journey of a controversial health care bill and stimulus money being sent to elitist and greedy financial institutions, people wonder what has happened to the sweeping excitement and enthusiasm that was exhibited during Obama’s campaign of 2008 and last year’s Inauguration.

I can tell you what happened.  The honeymoon ended.  After the euphoria of Inauguration 2009 wore off and the nation’s problems mounted, President Obama’s “To Do List” Agenda got thirty pages longer, at least. 

The Recession of 2009 hit the United States cruelly and millions of Americans lost their jobs.  As a result, Americans fell deeply behind in their mortgage payments and their homes were foreclosed upon.  Millions of Americans emerged in 2009 without health insurance, unable to pay for basic services because of those lost jobs and limited income. As a result of Americans’ being unable to use credit, financial institutions shut down in the worse “traffic jam” of the century.  What would you do? Crawl under a rock and wait until it all disappeared? You wish!

Against your own primal instincts of flight (running away from its problems), President Obama and his administration plunged headlong into the problems last year.  Stimulus money was dispersed for more unemployment coverage for a longer period of time.   The President initiated a new Health Care Bill to insure that every American that needed insurance would have the same access as any congressperson, senator or elected official in the country. Also, more stimulus money was given out to jumpstart the stagnant financial institutions to reset the economy. Is there anything really wrong with that?

In retrospect (which notoriously has 20/20 vision), the President now admits that he could have focused more attention to creating jobs but wasn’t he, in some way, addressing that issue already?  I’m not saying that he did everything humanly possible for it but I am just asking didn’t he make an attempt at helping unemployed Americans in their hour of need at the beginning of the recession when he took office?

If you ask the critics (or American Idol’s “Simon Cowells” of Washington D.C.  and beyond as so artfully described by the President on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last year), they may reply that the Obama administration has thrown millions upon millions of American taxpayers’ dollars at the current problems instead of solving them.  They would claim that the new Health Care Bill is the administration’s attempt at controlling Americans, citing “big government” as the root of all evil in the lives of “true”, red-blooded Americans.

But what these “true” Americans seem to forget is how the nation got into the problems that it is in now.  Whose administration let financial institutions run wild with little to no regulation on its practices, giving themselves excessive bonuses and participating risky investments at the cost of Americans’ retirement and financial portfolios for eight years?! Whose administration ignored Americans’ need for equal access to quality health care as an American right of the many, not a privilege for the elite few?  Who was the Commander-in-Chief who started a war in the wrong country after September 11, 2001 that is costly millions of dollars to fund every year while putting our military in harm’s way for almost a decade?

Now, the answers may be hard to swallow but they are the truth. BUSH ADMINISTRATION! BUSH ADMINISTRATION! BUSH ADMINISTRATION! PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH!

If you are a logical (and truthful) person, you can see that the blame resides with the former president and his administration.  So what does that mean to the current president?

That means that President Obama is making the best out of a bad situation.  It may not have been the perfect implementation of solving the country’s problems (and who is REALLY perfect anyway?) but you have to give the President credit for having the courage and the internal fortitude to at least take them on in his first year of office.

It’s like living with an irresponsible roommate who loves throwing loud and crazy house-parties every night at your apartment for eight years.  The apartment furniture begins to reek of stale beer and cigarettes. The carpet is stained with red wine, tomato sauce, dirt, and vomit.  There are empty pizza boxes littered all over the kitchen and living room.  The top of the pantry in the kitchen is “decorated” with hundreds of bottles of empty liquor. The sink and dishwasher are full of dirty dishes, drinking glasses, and silverware. The television needs to be replaced.  You had to buy your own refrigerator and a small cupboard to put it in your room and lock up your food because your “roomie” has played host with it too many times.  Thank God you have your own bathroom!

At the end of the eight years, she gets kicked out of the apartment but your name is still on the lease, so you are responsible for the apartment.  While it may have been easier to move out too, you feel like the apartment is still salvageable; it is just going to take a lot of work.  So you make your “To Do List” Agenda: you throw out the old furniture and buy new ones (on sale, of course), hire a carpet cleaning company to steam-clean the carpet, recruit your “entourage” to help throw out those pizza boxes, “souvenir” liquor bottles, and dirty dishes (do you really want any semblance of your former roommate in your apartment?) and buy an affordable flat screen television with a new DVR system.  

Now while the “To Do List” is long, you take each project on step-by-step.  Eventually, over the course of six months to a year, a brand new apartment emerges that is clean, welcoming, and becomes home.

19 thoughts on “#FlashbackFriday FOUR YEARS AGO, President Obama’s “Hope” for America: The Promise of a New Beginning

  1. I totally agree with the statement you made, after bush wrongful doing. It really takes a strong humble person to really fix the situation that is going on in America. Can you imagine thousands of people losing there jobs because there is no labor…! Think about it guys. We are in a tight situation, and for obama to step his foot in to taking charge. He deserve all the respect in the world. Because let me tell you his job is not going to be easy.

    • I deeply agree with your statements on these issues. president Obama is doing the best he can wih helping this country overcome the recession that its been facing for a year now. what people fail to understand is that everything doesnt happen overnite which means they are not going to see progress in one day but eventually they will as time goes by.what i really dont understand is that even though we’re in a recession why is there so many people thats using their money unwisely. there is not one day you go to the mall and its empty. so i think Obama is doing his job but its the people who tend to use their money unwisely and blame it on recession.

  2. petey86 says:

    That is so true! We are in the predicament were in because of George Bush and his administration. President Obama is doing the best that he can do at this moment. It’s hard for him to have to clean up such a grand mess, but I think he and his administration will get the job done!

  3. I agree with this blog in life turning a bad situation into a good situation takes time and effort. We can blame bush but he is not only in fault because we are the ones who still voted for him even though they said he cheated his way to win. I do not think obama can change the situation in one year or two it will take time to fix the problem just like it too ktime for bush adminstration took time to put our nation in jeopardy.

  4. With this blog i in life turning a bad situation into a good situation takes time and effort. We can blame bush but he is not only in fault because we are the ones who still voted for him even though they said he cheated his way to win.

  5. I feel as though it is defently going to take time for America to get back on its feet. Bush put us in so much turmoil with the economy and sending troops left in right over seas.Obhama has a lot on his plate, but I feel as though he is a man of his word and he going to do everything in his power to get america on its feet.

  6. i couldn’t find the blog for academia so i did it on this one. academia is the activtuies that universities and colleges use, that provides them with scientific educetion

  7. I really agree that president Barck Obama is helping to deal with the nation’s problems. George Bush did his damage in the early years and now our new president is taking on what Bush aftermath. The President is put under a lot of pressure, especially being the first black president but gladly he still maintains.

  8. I agree Obama is dealing with the nations crisis very well. He is being put under a lot of pressure. Especially with the war going on and dealing other politcal matters. It will take time for these matters to be resolve.

  9. In my personal opinion I believe that it is every president for them selves. It takes dedication and hard work for president Barack Obama to fix what President George Bush has done to this world that we live in, which is the economy purposes. It is very crucial that we come together as a nation and help president Obama work threw these problems, and fix them the best way that he could to excell as being the president again in the upcoming for years. My thoughts is that we should go out and look for work insted of being so lazy and complaining about whats wrong with the economy. It starts with us as a people

  10. eben1201 says:

    While I do agree with the post. I feel that any smart person or people who have any kind of since would have kicked the “room mate” out within the first year or two. We all have common sinoe, you should know we somebody is an “OK” person to know but not to live with. Maybe they just did not feel used enough to get rid of the person. Now that the person is gone you have to fix up there mess while being blamed for things that happened while you where gone. Well maybe eerybody should stop pointing fingers and do their part to help oue economy get better then what it is and how it was before.

  11. msai0223 says:

    i agree he was put into a bad situation, but unlike some people he didn’t turn his back. this is the type of person that should have been in the white house instead of man with the brain of a 3 year old.i believe in Obama and i know we will get us on track by any means, so if i was wrong for picking someone who actually cares about this great place we call the land of the free(America) let me be wrong, at least my leader is able to give a speech with out looking like he failed grade school. to be honest why should we continue picking people who will lie to use about why we are at war. hopefully we as Americans learn from our mistakes from picking bush as chief-and commander of us all, but Obama is our superman just taking his time to get us back on the path of a great looking future for the youth.

  12. I feel that George Bush was destroying our country with his wrongful decision making. Our country needed someone who has the courage to step up and lead a nation. I also feel president Obama should not be judged and held responsible for some one elses battles. Everyone should give Obama a chance to Make a change, a change for the better

  13. mrspark1 says:

    I agree 100%. President Obama was put in a very bad situation because of how Bush left this country. Keep in mind President Clinton was in a somewhat similar situation and it took him until his second year to start getting things back in order. So people need to cut Obama some slack.

  14. rays09 says:

    I agree with this blog, Bush caused so much damage to our country. Obama is making a change but we the people have to be patient because great things come to those that wait.

  15. darlida says:

    I feel that with Obama as president, America is going to accomplish alot. He is going to better America because i feel he is humble and is dedecated to helping America and people in America.I feel that he is going to make the change that he says his going to make. We just have to support him and help him make these changes.

  16. shanistar89 says:

    President Obama is doing a great job. The economy is not going to be completely repaired over night. It took 8 years for the economy to reach the point that it is at right now. We have seen how long it took the republicans to vote for the health care plan because of there own selfish reasons. The banks taking the money there should have been giving out to the people and giving their employees bonuses. He is cleaning up aot of things that is wrong with the economy and starting from the bottom up.

  17. I think that President Obama is doing a good job the new President. We can not continue to point fingers at Bush. Yes he has made a lot of mistakes as our President but it is our fault as American peoples too. We knew what he was about from the first four years he was in the chair and we go and re elected him as our president. It is going to take our new president time to fix the mistakes that Bush has made.

  18. wwwlboogie81 says:

    i love this post. president obama has done so much for this country already in the small amount of time that he has been our leader i idolize this man and only hope that i would be brave enough to tackle one of the tasks that he does on a daily basis

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