13 thoughts on “New MTV Show That Will Actually Change Your Life

  1. lkballa4 says:

    Very interesting, it seems alot like the movie “Bucket List”. What I want to do before I die is to visit across the world. To visit different countries and learn about their history and culture, and see everything that is beautiful. Also, to get closer to GOD and cease the moment of LIFE and everything I do in it. Life is too short and tomorrow is never guaranteed so I am going to live my life to the upmost pleasure.

  2. Jean.
    The Buried Life Video was a very encouraging video that taught me anything is possible I can do anything if I put my mind into it. What I want to do before I die? Is visiting the country Haitit so that I can find my brother that live there and also the rest of the family on my father side. I was unable to know the family that he have on my father side because he die before he could take me that was one place my father promise he would take me. So now I am determine to visit the country Haiti so I will find my family. Think you for inspiring me to pursue my dreams.

  3. cbarry2 says:

    This show will be one of the shows that I’ll be watching this season. After Watching this trailer it makes me think “What do I really want to do Before I die?” A number of things come to mind. I would love to vist Paris, France, and document my whole time there.

  4. I like the theme of the video or clip. The video express reality and a message to some of us to say I love you to someone just because they are there. Life is too short but we as a community should cherish every moment or moments we have with GOD has given us for example like family members and good friends or friend. It takes a real human being to let go of his or her pride or grudge on that person especially when that person is a family member. It hurts more when you lose a person that you stop speaking to for a certain period of time.

  5. The Buried Life!!1 WoW!!!…..I love this idea. Pulling while climbing up. Thats what we need to do as a people not racially either as a whole. Its so many individuals that need help or want to do something but do not have the courage or resources to do so. I cannot wait to see what this shows ratings are going to be, because it is very positive, fresh and new.-M.M.

  6. This is a beautiful story. I think everyone has their own list of things they wish they could do before they die. It is amazing that these boys took the initiative to make their wishes come true, and on top of that help others acheive their own dreams. I have always wanted to go to a foreign country in need. I would help children with physical and mental disabilities with physical and occupational therapy.

  7. kkklllggg says:

    Watching this video actually gave me an outlook,on how easy things can be if you just put your mind to it. The things I would like to accomplish first before i past away would mainly be to have a better relationship with God. Then after I graduate I would like to be a tv anchorman or a tv show host, making my parents over exceedingly happy.

  8. quick555 says:

    This looks like an extremely good show to watch and it looks like it has a good message in it. I’m truly eager to watch it. As for me what I would like to do before I die is meet a variety of people who have became important symbols in this world. Also I’d like to compete in the Olympic games and visit random places on the planet. My list would be extremely long and somewhat difficult tom complete but they are the things I’d like to do before I die.

  9. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox

    The trailer to the Mtv Show “The Buried Life” seems extremely spontanious and inspiring. This group of young men are doing things many individuals only dream of doing. Watching the trailer inspires me and probably many others to proceed with those “big dreams” we have had since were childcren and make them a reality. As well as their personal fulfillment, these individuals have assisted others in the process. It is obvioius to anyone who watchesz this trailer, these young men will have completed their “bucket list”, and made a difference in their lives and the lives of others in many ways.

  10. lachrisa09 says:

    The new show “Buried Life” seem as if it is going to be very interesting and I cant wait to tune in. It reminds me of my family and I, how every summer we come up with things we want to do before we die put it in a box and choose at least five to do without looking. One thing I want to do before I die is to go sky diving with my family. I want to do this before I die because it is very daring and breath-taking.

  11. niesje8 says:

    Before I die, I want to make a change in the lives of young people who have a dream and think it will never come true, just because they don’t deserve it or because they only know people who have failed in life. I’m from Suriname and it was a hard road for me to get into college in the united states! by coming to the US to study I opened doors for others in Suriname. Because coming to the US to study was once my dream..it came true! playing volleyball on college level was once a dream..it came true! so I’m going to make that change! I want people to believe in their dreams before I die!

  12. morf0128 says:

    I love the idea of this show, MTV had been going down hill with there shows but this is def one i will be watching. What i want to do before i die is, visit every baseball stadium in the world and visit the hall of fame in Cooperstown. There are many things i would like to do but those are what top my list.

  13. tyshona says:

    I really love this show, there are so many things that I would love to do before I die. Even thought dieing isnt something I think about on a daily basis. I know its wrong but sometimes I feel like im young and I can rule the world. I dont surround myself with bad people and I dont{try not to}put myself in bad situtions. I really feel that this show will help so many people and I want to be apart of that in my own way. Im a people pleaser and yes it can be good and bad at times seeing people im close to happy that makes me happy.

Very Interesting.

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