#ThrowbackThursday #TBT: “What I Know For Sure: Knowing Yourself and Being True”

So after having a late-dinner with friends, the crew decided to go to a nightclub where another friend would meet us. After driving around for gas and a pit-stop, I realized something – I really didn’t want to go.

It was getting later and later and the friend was even later in meeting us so I cut my losses and bailed out. The girls tried so hard to persuade me to stay but my mind was made-up.

It might not have been the “easiest” choice but it was MINE! Then it made me think, how many times have I been peer pressured by friends, family, colleagues to do something and I allowed them to make the choice for me? In other words, how many times have I caved in and gave up my choice?

Sadly, it’s been a few too many times, mostly because I was young and I wanted to be accepted in my clique of friends in high school and college. But I think the main reason is because I lacked my voice.

Now, I’m not saying that I suffered from a chronic sore throat (but maybe I did figuratively). What I did suffer from was fear – fear of being true to myself and being ostracized for it by my beloved circle.

As you grow up, you learn what really is important. When you’re in trouble, who can you call? Who will come pick you up? Who will stay up late to talk you through it over the phone?

Those are the people who should matter and if these people are not in your nightly “entourage,” you have to ask yourself “why?”

13 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday #TBT: “What I Know For Sure: Knowing Yourself and Being True”

    • You learn your boundaries and hold firm to them. If the group does not take it seriously, it should not be your “entourage.” You have to be around people who value your opinions and convictions. You eventually grow into trusting yourself. When we are young, it is so hard to trust ourselves because things seem so uncertain. But eventually, you allow your personal values and conscience (ie “that little voice” that tells you what is wrong and right) to guide you. This requires you to tune out the noise of peer pressure and hear your own voice. We all have one; we just need to listen.

  1. jfloyd21 says:

    I watched the “I gotta a feeling”. My comments on this video is that; I feel like this video was symbolizing how any race of people should come together and be as one. I also thought this was something like a work out, it looked like they were doing yoga. Other than that, i really didn’t understand the video. I did like the dance moves.

    Jalesa Floyd
    11am – 11:50 class

  2. the people who I listen and take advice from is my moter , boyfriend , and my preacher.I listen to my mother because she always gives me positive advice and only encourages me to do good things with my life. The second person I listen to is my boyfriend because sense I have been with him he has never lead me in the wrong direction but always told me to listen to my mother. Last but not least is my preacher he gives me advice with wisdom the type of advice in persuasion that feeds the soul and encourages the mind to do better as a person .

  3. petey86 says:

    I think article is way over due!! I’m 23 now and in my earlier years I used to go along with the crowd so i would fit in! I used to worry what they would say if i didn’t agree. It wasn’t until a decision I made in highschool of not to ride to prom with my friends after they were drinking that my life was saved from an accident! You have to know when to speak up

  4. A lot of people today are influenced by many of the people that surround them. People sometimes become influenced and do not even recognized it. It may be because of close family members and they give in just because that reason. Not only that but sometimes family know you would give in just because you are their relatives. This may even with close friends as well. I had the same experience with both, friends and family. Most of all, at a certain point to give in you have to gain the courage to speak and have your own mind. It may expose to others who you truly are but most importantly you are being true to yourself. I am sure at some point everyone gets the urge to cut from their puppet strings.

  5. I feel that peer pressure is a part of growing up.And once we reach the point that were no longer pressured by our peers,Is a sure sign of maturity.In life it takes a mature person to evaluate self,our needs,wants,dislikes and desires.Only then can go forward on our course of life.The key to exceptance to any entourage is knowing and loving yourself.

  6. rays09 says:

    Everyone experiences peer pressure, whether you are young or old. The moment that we realize of being sure of ourselves and who we are changes peer pressure. I was rarely influenced by others or friends into doing something that I didn’t want to do. My mother continuosly put the fear in my heart to avoid being pressured, so that i can have a mind of my own.


  7. vesp0405 says:

    I feel that peer pressure is somthing thats automatic whether its done purposely or whith out knowing its being done. To me its apart of life and you have to learn how to deal with it no matter if your young or old. you can either grow out of being pressured to doing something you dont want to do or be a pushover for the rest of your life.

  8. tscarr says:

    This is so true.My whole life I have gone through peer pressure. Peer pressure continues to affect all children of all ages all over the world. But we have to realize that only we can voice and make our own decisions. If your friends don’t accept your decision then they are truly not your friends. Voice your opinion and stick to it.

  9. darlida says:

    It is so true when people grow up they become more wiser. I have become more wiser. I put myself first now, I say what i feel and do what i feel. It is a good feeling when you are true to yourself. I also realize who my real friends are and I try to make sure I keep them in my life, because good friends are really hard to find.

  10. tyshona says:

    I totally understand where your coming from, and im going through that now. I’ve always been the “go with the flow friend” if you needed someone to talk to or ride with you somewhere I was that friend. At first I didnt mind but lately I been noticing that I’ve become the “Yes” friend. I HATE having people be mad at me, the feeling just eats at me and makes my feel so bad. I have to learn that I cant be everyone’s best friend 😦

  11. wwwlboogie81 says:

    this is beyond true, far to often children, teens and even adults pressured into activities that they would normslly not be interested in. its safe to say that there are far to many tragedies that come from ppls “lack of voice”. personally i feel that if ur entourage doesnt look to you and ask honestly what it is that you want to do about the situation than they simply should not be there

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