#ThrowbackThursday #TBT: New Year’s Resolutions – Back to the Future?

As I wake up to the sound of Text Message alerts on my cell phone in the dark early morning that is 7AM (is this darkness thing a GA thing or what?), it dawns on me that the world has entered into a new year and a brand new decade.

You remember when you were a kid and you saw the Back to the Future trilogy? You saw how the McFly family had advanced in some ways in the future but how Marty’s familiar tendencies (his dislike of being called a “chicken,” his eagerness to prove he wasn’t a “chicken,” his covert interest in making a quick buck by any means) doomed not only him but his family as an adult in the 21st (or 22nd) century.

There is so much to be learned from that movie franchise. After enjoying the novelty of authentic 80’s wardrobe and cars (when I become rich, I am getting a restored DeLorean, lol), an astute viewer can learn the importance of addressing family issues from the beginning. If Marty’s dad never had the guts to talk to Laurayn, he never would have taken her out to the “Under the Sea” dance. If he didn’t take her to the dance, he never would have gotten to kiss her and seal her fate as the love of his life (and his wife). Without that kiss, his children would never had been born. It’s powerful stuff, don’t you think?

By Marty giving his teenage father the confidence to talk and take his future mother out, he created a new legacy for his family. His father was no longer the nerdy and weird Peeping Tom who checked out girls changing out of his window. As an adult, Marty’s dad became self-confident, flirtatious with his love, and followed his passions which in turn recreated the McFly household into a family of industrious and successful people.

I say this to say that the future is never promised. You can’t live your life afraid of what will happen in the future. You have to live the present and be conscious of your actions in the present so that they will insure your future. If you live your best life now, the future will be bright no matter what.

My 2010 Resolutions are to do just that – live for today but conscious of the present. I also want to be more responsible with my money, build my Beyoncé body with Sasha Fierce-ness, travel more, follow my passions at work and play (which includes writing on this wonderful blog even if it is just for myself), plan an amazing Sex and the City-themed birthday party for me in May, go out to lunch/dinner more, spend more time with family, and laugh more (even though I laugh a lot already).

What are your Resolutions?

29 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday #TBT: New Year’s Resolutions – Back to the Future?

  1. sunnysideup1223 says:

    i don’t have any resolutions this year. someone else asked me and i was like, “i hadn’t really thought about it much!” anyway, that’s not to say there aren’t some things i want to do. i want to go on a cruise. i NEED to save more money, so then again the cruise may not happen LOL. i want to find a new hobby. i want my relationship to grow stronger. i want to reconnect with old friends. i just want to be happy.

  2. When Black Eyed Peas started singing this girl, out of no where, was the only one dancing. I said to myself something is really wrong with her. She looked real retarted until everybody else started dancing. It was like a domino effect.

  3. shanistar89 says:

    I thought the video was amazing. I thought the girl in the front was alittle to hype, but when the audience started joining in and it became such a big choreography it was absolutely amazing. I never saw anything like it and I am interested in how they was able to get it choreograph.

  4. I believe it is soo true. When saying live for today and leave the past. Because let me tell you, as a young boy I had dreams of becoming a professional athlete. As years past by I had already change my mind of becoming a professional athlete. But further more, my new years resolution is to be on top of everthing I do by any means necessary.

  5. Im agree with that comment, live for today and let the past behind be gone. mty resoultin is to be all that i can be so that ican be successful in the future. thats what my resoulution is for 2010.

  6. my resolutions for this year is study more and do all my work for all my classes.And try my hardest to get to all my classes on time.so that i can be successful in the future.

  7. darlida says:

    My New Year resolutions is to better myself. I want to better myself by enhancing my mind. I want to get a higher g.p.a. I also want to have a better health; lastly I want to enjoy my new year and appreciate everything that happens in life.

  8. I didn’t really have a New Year’s resolution but, I really do agree on this comment because people may get so worried about what will in the future that they forget to appreciate what is goin on NOW!I may not have came in the New Year’s with a resolution but thing is to always expect something new.

  9. eben1201 says:

    my resolution is to do better then i did last semester. i plan to get all my work done way before the due date so that i dont have to try to rush and get it done at the last minute.other then school i really dont think i need to work on anything else.

  10. bulls06lions13 says:


  11. msnene2009 says:

    I love this blog..reading this really brought tears to my eyes.My resolution for 2010 is to get to know myself better,meaning that before I think about someone else feelings what others may think. Im going to learn to stop and see what is it that I need for myself. Because at the end of the day all I have is me.Last but not least saving money.The economy is experincing a major financial bind. I would like to stop getting things that I WANT and focus on what I NEED..this is want I will continue to focus on in 2010 and I must say that I am blessed to see another year.

  12. I agree 100% on this blog. I think we should all take each and everyday a step at a time. We should focus more on today for we will be blessed to live to see tomorrow as another blessedful day. My new years resoultion for 2010 is to have a closer walk with God. I want to attend church more this year. I want to be more involved in church activities and read my bible and have a better understanding of God’s word. My second new years resoultion is to stay focus on my education. After the end of this semester I will be passing all of my classes with A’s.

  13. mattpayne08 says:

    matthew payne
    The back to the future movies, like every good movie, are full of thought provoking ideals. The main thought being to understand that for everything we do (or dont) there is a result or reaction.I dont do a new years resolution.I prefer to resolve to do better and be better daily.

  14. My new years resolution is to become closer with god. I also plan to lose ten pounds for my modeling photoshoot by feburary. I also paln to become more studious when it comes to my homework and studying for test. I plan to accomplish my goals and stick with my resolutions.

  15. morf0128 says:

    My news years resolution is to have better eating habits, as a college athlete it is tough to fight off temptation of unhealthy foods since we travel so much. It is very important to live for not because every little thing may turn into a big thing in the future and thats where it makes a difference.

  16. petey86 says:

    It’s true everyone has a resolution for the new Year, but we never take them serious. After watching those movies many years ago one point still sticks out to me today. That point is that I should’nt just live for today but plan today for my tomorrow. If I stand up now I will stand up later, but if I lay down now i’ll lay down later!

  17. quick555 says:

    Most of my New Years resolutions are to become close to Christ as I go about my days. Also to try harder in Track & Field than I did last year and put aside my fears of failing. This movies shows and gives off alot of inspiring tips and actions. That allow me to maintain focus on my resolutions. And what it is that I want to get out of myself and my time here on Earth.

  18. my new year resolution, is for me to become closer to my family: sisters,brother,father,mother,and everyone else in my family. i feel that i have been holding back feelings and love, from my family;so this year im going to be more of a family person. because,you never know when it’s you’r time or someone you love time to go.

  19. kristin1205 says:

    Kristin Cox

    Personally, i do remember watching the “back to the future” trilogy, but i never payed attention to the real meaning of the movie until a few days ago. reading this blog makes you think of the actions you take and how and whom they will effect.Im not so sure of my “new years resolution”, but i know i would like to go with the flow of life and be happy with my self. Also being caucious of the decisions i make, and making good use of the time i have to live. Like many say “Live Well,Laugh Hard, Love Always. “

  20. rays09 says:

    Some of my resolutions for the New year were to listen and observe others, attend church and to focus on all of my goals. Faith, determination and motivation are the three words and actions that will guide me for this year. For 2010, I’ve begun to take a break from others and focus on myself.

  21. My New Year’s Resoultion is to be the best that I can be. To build a better relationship with my family and friends. To live everyday as if it was my last. To get good grades and school and be on yop of my work at all times. I have made this comment to not only myself but my family as well I will do my best at living by it.

  22. My News Years resolution is to stay in school ,so that I can optain a rewarding career in the future.A career that won’t just benefit me but my children as well.The back to the future blog just adds to the reality,that what we do today effects our tomorrow. Our present is a outline for our future.

  23. I felt that in 2009 I was chillen and not enough progress. I would run the streets all day, so I came up with two resolutions. The first is to always give 110 % at evrything I do no half doing things. Lastly, to be wise about the choices I make. I have made some very bad ones, so I just need to learn from my mistakes and mve on.

  24. vesp0405 says:

    This blog makes me want to go rent this movies. To me it seems interesting. My resolution for this year is to do well in school and stay focused because I already missed one semester but other than that I hope God blesses me with another wonderful safe year

  25. I have just viewed the video “We Are The World 25 For Haiti-Official”. I just loved the whole video! I loved how they kept the lyrics of the old song at the beginning and changed the ending. I really enjoyed the ending of the song. It amazed me how everyone got together to make this video. I feel that this video really connects with the children and people in Haiti. This song have a powerful meaning to it. I think it is our job to get together and help each other out. We do not have to do much just enough to lean a helping hand. Everyone needs someone from time to time!

  26. Back to the Future is pretty one awesome movie and I like how people from the time the movie was made made the viewers believe in time traveling. The best was Back to the Future 3 only because it was actually in the future but best was the hover board. The movie really talks to science fiction lovers and allows them to start thinking of their own adventures and giving them ideas to start writing or creating their own.

Very Interesting.

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